Announcements Babes, we’re here for you!

Babes, we’re here for you!

Ladies – thank you for your patience & understanding as we navigate this situation!

We’ve never been through something like this before & we are doing all that we can to move through this period of uncertainty with grace. Know that we will update you as new information becomes available and we will be open & honest about all things wedding gowns.

So, we thought we would put all of our recent updates in one spot! Keep reading for the need-to-know when it comes to wedding gown shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pearl & Dot Temporary Closure:

Here at P&D the wellbeing of our brides, their families and our staff is our number one priority. As COVID-19 has evolved over the past few weeks & with the spread being linked to circumstances beyond international travel, we made the decision to temporarily close our boutique. We plan to reopen & resume appointments as soon as it is safe to do so.

What Our Designers Are Saying:

We have (and will continue to be) in regular contact with our designers & have not heard of any impacts to production. With that being said, the situation is changing quickly & if anything changes, we will communicate to our brides (and future brides) about timelines, what to expect, etc. Please do not stress!

Recommended Shopping Timelines:

There have been no changes to ordering timelines! Most of our designers have a lead time of about 4-5 months, so we always suggest that brides start dress shopping 6-9 months before the wedding date. This will give you enough time to think about your options as well as leave you time for alterations.

Rescheduled Appointments:

Sadly, we have had to cancel all appointments from March 16th – March 29th. If you had an appointment booked during that time, watch your inbox & we will be in touch with what to do next. Know that as soon as our doors reopen, we will do everything we can to get you booked in.

Ready to Say Yes?

Do you feel like you’ve made your decision & you are ready to commit to the dress of your dreams? Shoot us an email at: & we’ll take it from there.

Shop Our Sample Gowns:

If you’re still looking for your dream dress in a short timeframe or at a lower price point, you need to check out our sample gowns! All of our available sample gowns are live on the website! Each of these gowns have been loved & treated with care, but they are ready to find their forever home. Click HERE to see all the details about our available sample gowns. If you see one you are interested in – send us an email:

And remember, no matter what you’re feeling – we are here for you! We are open to questions, comments or just straight-up conversation. Sending you all the love & virtual hugs you can handle. xo