Announcements Introducing the Anais Anette Flagship

Introducing the Anais Anette Flagship

It’s official – we have partnered with Anais Anette to become the first-ever Anais Anette Flagship! Words cannot describe just how excited we are about this new adventure & for what is in store for our brides – because let’s face it, our brides mean EVERYTHING to us!

We will be sharing a number of updates & important pieces of information over the next month, but for now we wanted to finally reveal the big secret we have been keeping and give you a little bit of insight as to why we are making this change.

Over the past 5 years we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brides and always want to learn and grow from everything you have said. We have listened to you when you share what you love & what could be better! We’ve heard you when you’ve said it’s hard to visualize when the sample gown is not in your size or when we’re asking you to imagine what the customization could look like because we don’t actually have a sample in-store with that customization.

By partnering with a designer, like Anais Anette, we are able to expand our inventory & become more size inclusive for ALL brides. We are also able to showcase samples with some of the most requested customizations that we talk about everyday. Expanding our inventory also means that we are able to have thedesigners entire collection in-store, so you get to see all of your options & have all of the information you need before purchasing your Anais Anette gown!

Here at Pearl & Dot, we have always been so proud of our team and the experience we provide for our brides. So, when it came time to think about what’s next, we knew that it was so important to align our business with a company that holds the same ethics, values & all-around care for what they do. And, Anais Anette could not be a better fit!

While we were closed during the outbreak of COVID-19, we had the opportunity to really look at our business – what was working & what wasn’t. When we saw the hard facts, we knew that it would be selfish to keep Pearl & Dot as it was – when we know we can do better for our brides [and our industry].

It’s time – time to grow, change and evolve. While this is a HUGE change, we are so ready and can’t wait to bring you along for the ride! This is just the beginning and we are SO excited to move into this next step with you by our sides!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your ongoing support. Stay tuned for more information & updates, but as always, we are here to answer your questions. Send us an email to if you want to chat!

photos by Rebecca Frank