Announcements Our Commitment to Our Community & Our World

Our Commitment to Our Community & Our World

In light of recent events, we have recognized that words on their own will never be enough.

We have always thought of Pearl & Dot as a safe place, but we know that we can do more and we can do better. As a team we have made a commitment to take action & help fight for equality for all people. It is time to get uncomfortable, do the work & continue to do the work.

// We hope that our actions support our world & inspire our community to take action too. Giving back to our community – Pearl & Dot will be donating to the following charitable organizations:

Black Visions Collective

Campaign Zero

Community Wise YYC

We recognize that these organizations are working hard to advocate & fight for people of colour and we are committed to helping in whatever way we can. If you are interested & able, we strongly encourage you to make a donation too.

// You will always be safe at Pearl & Dot – We vow to create an environment that is free of racism, discrimination & hate. We want all of our brides & their loved ones to know that we will do that we can to keep them safe while they are inside our boutique.

// We won’t stop learning & sharing what we find – We vow to educate ourselves further on these topics so that we can learn from our past & help educate others. If you have any helpful resources, please send them our way. Over on Instagram, we will share all of the educational books, podcasts and documentaries that we have found helpful.

// We will make adjustments to our marketing materials – We vow to be more diverse with our marketing campaigns & the images we share on our platforms. We recognize that we have not done our part in this area & we vow to do better. With our action we will help to educate others in our industry on why this is important & how we can all improve.

// We care about our staff [past, present & future] – we vow to provide equal employment opportunities that are free of discrimination.

// We won’t stop – we vow to keep supporting diverse media, POC initiatives & charitable organizations after the attention has died down. We want to be part of the positive change & will continue to provide support where we can, for as long as we can.

Like so many others, we are a work in progress & want to hear from you if you have feedback for how to do better. Please challenge us, hold us accountable and above all, join the movement & take action in your personal life.

We cannot change what has been done in the past, but we can grow together & make a positive difference.

photo credit: Melissa Marshall